What happened to our innocence?
Did it go out of style?
Along with our naivete?
No longer a child
Different eyes see different things
Different hearts beat on different strings
But there are times
For you and me
When all such things agree…


The Monster Under the Bed returns… JULY 1st!


UPDATE #3: Regardless of whether or not my replacement screen comes in this week or not (It’s definitely supposed to this week, last I heard…) I should be prepared to start work this week once again anyway, because I just bought a new tablet from Amazon which will be here Wednesday. (Thank you Patrons this is possible because of you folks, as I bought it straight up out of that particular cash pool!) The current tablet will become a back-up/spare. However, I’m just going to say now that the comic will begin on the first of next month to give me time to figure stuff out, and get a good head start!


It’s really happening this time!