UPDATE: Sunday, April 8th –

Sorry for taking so long on page #149, but I’ve been having some problems with my wrist. I’m currently using a wrist brace I bought to alleviate some of the problem (I won’t say ‘pain’, exactly, because it doesn’t actually hurt much) and I have been working on the new page, but it is slow going with this thing on my hand.

Between my day job (which has had a heavy work load going through lately) and the comic, I believe I have strained my wrist slightly, as my hand tends to go numb/tingly, or feel cramped every few minutes while drawing, but returns to normal quickly when I take a break. Hopefully, after this all blows over it will return to normal, but in the meantime, I’ll be taking care of myself.

Expect the next page sometime this week once I finish it, and that will end Chapter 3 of the comic! Woo-Hoo!


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Oh yeah, I’ve also edited the Ghostbusters poster out of the last two pages, because, well, it was cluttering up the scenes and really clashed with the characters. Yeah.


There. That oughta do it.