Well, well… as it happens, today is the one year anniversary of The Monster Under the Bed comic series!


When I started this project, I never thought I’d make it this far, that nobody would care enough to bother; but luckily I have been pleasantly surprised by the turnout!

I’d like to thank everyone, all 4,293,942 of you who have come by time and again to read my little story since it launched this time last year, and I welcome you all to the second year of the comic where things really get cracking. Expect great things this year as I continue onwards with Chapter 2, and eventually Chapter 3 later this year, which will see Tim and Shadow leap forward in time to the very beginning of the events that really kick-start things.

But all in good time… first, enjoy the new page! I realise it’s not much of a page on the surface for celebrating a milestone such as today, but, well, it just kinda turned out that way in the scripting of things. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy learning some interesting factoids about Shadow’s world and forgive the lack of cavity-inducing artwork!


See you next time!

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I’ve added a pretty nice incentive, I think. It’s a giant, textless, uninterrupted view of the hug from page 56 you can use as a background maybe? The power is yours!